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Vacuum two times or more a week, sweep everyday or every other day, dust every so often, things like TVs, lamps, curtaints and blinds, wash bedding often, beat rugs and cushions once a month, periodically clean walls and swich out home air filters . This should keep dust down and allergys symptoms to a minimum
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If you have a covered porch put a rug down to clean up the shoes.  I vacuum that every day.  I use the portable vacuum cleaner to dust and the wipe it down.  I use that portable to vacuum drapes, tops of curtians, tops of doors, inside between the 2 storm door & inside door.  Along the ceiling and the surbases.  My husband takes his shoe off on the porch to keep it cleaner when he goes into the garden.  If mud does get inside.........let it dry first....scoop it up and vacuum.  I use baby wipes for spots. I vacuum every other day inside.  If I have a cover for the bed that is clean but has cat hair on it, I will either hang it on the line or put it in the dryer on cold air for 15 minutes.  They have filtrers for hot air heaters that you can vacuum clean, not the throwaways but lifetime.  I also clean all vents when I had hot air during the heating season and then every 3 years have them done professionally.  I also put the exhaust fan on when I do this to let any dust go outside.  Duringt the summer, I vacuum the screens weekly.  also doing the fan blades on ceiling & floor fan
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