What is the best way to clean an oven that is not self cleaning? I prefer not to use harsh products if possible, especially if they are dangerous. Is there a safe product or method that will work well?

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When I had the old style oven I used soap steel wool and baking soda with a container of hot water.....if this is the new style with the new finish you can NOT use steel wool on the finish you have to use a nonscratchy kitchen scrubby or try that new mr majic eraser that out.  The new stoves use too much energy to use that cleaing cycle.  Better to do them according to directions of MFG by hand. You are going to get dirty so wear old clothes and use lestoil on the spots.  I would clean the inside of the door first.  The next oven I get, I want it to open sideways.  I do use a foil tray on thebottom self to catch the drips....I would wear gloves to do this messy job.
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