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What is the best way to use chlorine bleach without damaging whites? Hot or cold water? How much bleach? Is presoaking ok? If so how long? Can bleach be combine with other detergents or should they be used seperately?

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1 Answer

I have started using baking soda instead of bleach...............1dry cup per load....with white wash I use warm water with dark clothes with lines of white of color I use cold water...........It does not stink like bleach and it safe for your hands.....I also use that to clean the shower, tub and sink, I use it dry with a wet sponge....just wet the tub and clean away.  If you have a clogged sink...............use 1 cup of dry baking soda into the sink opening and then 1 cup white vinegar and a kettle of boiling water then flush with warm water. It going to fizz up.   Do this once a month on the first day.  It will keep your sinks fresh & clean smelling, cleans out the pipes and helps the bacteria in the septic or cess pool work better.  I also put old yeast down it and any juice from canned fruit.  That keeps it going and working better.

I stopped using bleach, I only use clorox-cleanup for the toilet.

We do a lot of baking and we use a special cotton cloth to make struedel.  Hubby wanted it super clean.....OK said I.......and 2 cups of baking soda with regular detergent & hot water and every grease stain came out.  When our grandparents & great-grandparents were living bakingsoda & vinegar where the only things used.  They did not have the chemicals that are used today.
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