What type of cleaner is best for food preparation areas?

What cleaners can I use in the kitchen, on counter tops etc that will be food safe?  I hesitate to use many of the new cleansers as I just don't know exactly what is in them and if it is safe to prepare food on or around those surfaces after cleaning.
asked Apr 3, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

Vinegar & water and spray & clean..........use papertowel and trash them.  White vinegar....50-50 with water.
answered Apr 3, 2014 by josie (3,180 points)
Heinz has a new 6% cleaning vinegar, I have only seen this at Walmart, green label 3.98.  Does wonders on ceiling................2 gallons of very warm water, 1 tablespoon dawn & 2 tablespoons lestoil for ceiling.  I used one of thos new cleaning clothes.......the ceiling turned out white.........
answered Sep 20, 2014 by retiredladie (3,460 points)