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How can I reduce my monthly grocery bill with coupons, rebates, in store deals etc?  I've heard some people are able to buy $300 in groceries for next to nothing by using coupons wisely and taking advantage of pricing matching. Can anyone help with some ideas for a beginner?

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4 Answers

Many stores allow you to use in store coupons as well as manufacturer coupons. Target is a good example. They have a smartphone app called Cartwheel which is free. It has quite a few good offers. They also accept manufactuer coupons as well.  Many brand name products have good manufactuer coupons which can be printed from their websites.  It can be a really good way to save some money.
Sometimes Target has special that are not advertized and you can use coupons on top of that.  Good luck & fun shopping.
Make a list to shop, but if something is on sale and it's a better deal, your are saving money.  I also use coupons, buy the Wed or Sunday Paper, they have the most coupons, chip even the ones that you don't use to trade them for coupons that you do use.  Invite your neighbors over for a coupon trading party.  Some books that comes have coupons  I download some from the computer.  Money earned is money saved.  You have to keep track of the date on the coupons.  Some stores have double or triple coupons.  A friend of mine saved enough to buy 4 tickets on the plane and pay for Disney trip.  When shopping buy the longest date available on products.  We buy papergood when we see them on sale.   I even have some coupons for chicken feed.  We did bought peeps 6 weeks ago as this year is going to be bad for ticks and chickens love bugs and dandelions.  They also keep the grass trimmed for us.  You have to fence them and put them in at night with a light and close the door.
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You also can check the newspapers for the sales and match a coupon with that and only buy what is on sale with a coupon.  Money saved is money earned.
If you have room to have a garden.  You can have fresh veggies during the summer and cook, freeze & can for the winter.  We also have several grape vines and we wash dry & freeze them or make jam and can them.  They are delicious frozen and it tastes like water ice.  We also make as much homemade foods instead of buying them using the best flour available.  We also use a unit that gets all the air out.  We buy a larger meat supply and cut it down & freeze, make and date.

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