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I seems as though spring is here. I have had very bad allergies this year. Worse than I can ever remember. I have heard that natural honey from a particular area can help with allergies. Is this true? Are there any other good natural remedies for allergies and hay fever?

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Use a mask if you are working outside...........when you are finished put all your clothes right into the washer & dryer and take a shower and get it out of your hair and off of you.  I bought an Oreck lightweight upright.......has a hepa filter bag and does a fantastic job.  I also use a small portable one  with a hepa filter to clean surbases, corners, ceilings, top of curtains or shades.  I put a rug on the porch and a runner...everyone knows to wipe their feet, my husband changes shoes out there.......I vac that every helps keeps the pollen down.  The dollar store has masks,so does Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot.  I use on when I mow the lawn or I will cough & sneeze.  If this persists you might need to see a lung doctor.  I have to wash my sheets, pillowcases & covers in detergent that has no smell or color at least once a might need to change your pillows cases more often.  I don't hang out clothes anymore because the pollen gets on them,  The dryer takes them out after you wash the clothes.  If you have forced air you have to keep those filters super clean, I got the ones that you could vac & wash off in the shower, then I sprayed them with lysol.....let them dry and vac in the area where it goes back and the floor of the furnace.  I like the hepa filters for my dust to make me cough............when I took hubby to the lung MD yesterday, he suggested using one of those machines that take the dust out of the air in the bedroom.  Now I have to research that to find the best one.  We have an Oreck store close in NY, so I am going to stop &see them today.  They have different prices & sizes.  Going to check another store that they are made here.
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