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I am trying to think of some ideas for keeping my kids active and entertained especially as summer gets closer and they will be out of school. What games besides the usual hide and seek and kick the can, can keep the kids active and occupied?

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2 Answers

We played jump rope, double dutch rope, hop scotch, rode our bikes and went on walks with lunch to the park or playground. We fished, went crabing , hunted for frogs & tadpoles and crayfish & released them. We collected bugs, butterflies and lightning bugs in glass jar with holes in the lids.  We also walked with our wagons and collected metal.  We played dress up and pretended to be on stage, sang and danced.  We rollar skated on the street, it was safe then but now you would want to go to a rollar rink.  Lots of family fun.  On rainy days, we help bake and make things and color or paint or do pen& ink drawings.  We had lots of fun.  We would go strawberry or corn picking at different farms.  People did not have backyard pools then, so we got wet in the creek.  What about having them help you plant a garden..........the best tasting veggies are from your own back yard.
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Red Light Green Light, Monther May I, Simon Says.  Those are all fun and active games. Also games like tag are always fun.
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