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What are the best ways to make my home more energy efficient? What generally uses the most power?
 Is installing double pane glass and extra insulation a good idea?

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5 Answers

I take out plugs of things that we don't use every day.  For the washer & dryer I have them plugged into the same type system as the computer so that when I am done the wash I turn that off to protect it and turn off the water.  If you have old windows, have someone caulk inside and outside.  They have a clear sheet that you can clean your windows first and add the sheet to inside to make the seem like a double pane as replacing them is very expensive.  You can have extra insulation blown in from outside they do that odorless foam that seals all the cracks.........if your wallboard is not in great shape they can take it down and do it on the inside.  Keeps out the noise and makes it warmer at the same time.  When replacing appliances look to the best energy rating, same with replacing heating/ AC system.  Calk around your doors and replace the strip at the bottom.  Check in your attic and see if everything is sealed well so no animals get inside.  You should have proper insulation up there and check to see exactly which one is rated for attics and which type.  You can save money and do it yourself.  Make sure there is ventilation in the attic or crawl space with heavy duty screens at both ends.  You can save water by buying the front load washer and hang the clothes on hangers to dry and then put them in the dryer 15 minutes to fluff them up and rehang.  The only thing with a front load is don't overload tee washer or you will ruin the bearings.  Turn off the lights when you leave a room.  TV's that are not being used should be unplugged.  Energy still goes thru the wire for anything instant on like coffee & tea pots.  We unplug them.  Instead of using the oven for 1 thing use a toaster oven.  We do use fluresant lights outside for safety and we changed all the inside lights also.  I keep one on all night in the LR for safety. Every appliance that we have has a safety bar just like the computer so that lightning does not hit the appliance.  We have 3 lightning rods to protect us.  Outside every bedroom is a fire alarm, basement attic and dining room and garage.  Also some people are starting to do solar panels............adding 1 or 2 every have to have someone help you do this.......and you need converters..................and's a start to be independent from the electric co and sell some back to them and have about $7 or $9 a month electric bill.  The electric heat, water heater, electric stove draw the most energy.
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