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Spring is here!
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2 Answers

Spring is the season when everything comes alive again.  The bare trees spring back to life with new leaves, the flowering trees put on their best show, and the dormant, brown lawn greens up again.  The cold weather is replaced, first by the rains, and then by longed-for warm weather.  All the beautiful colors of the earth comie into focus as crocus and then daffodils and tulips break through the earth and start their life cycle again.  I love splring!
It sure felt like spring here until after this big wind storm & heavy rain.  Early today shorts & summer top..........right this minute making  a woodstove fire with heavy long sleeved winter top & long pants.  All windows & doors tightly closed.  I know 3 or 4 more days of this and Spring will try again.  Trees finally opened the other day...........grass is really green and needs to be cut.  Daffodils are still opening up and the lillies are coming up thru the mulch.  Bunnies are running all over, wild turkeys and geese are visiting.  Hummingbirds are making their visits to the sugar water feeders,  some other beautiful birds are coming back to nest.  Mama bear is around with her babies looking for road kill.

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