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What is a good age for a teenager to have a formal job?  What are some good places to look for a teen around 16?

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1 Answer

Formal job...........would need working papers at fast food, grocery store packing bags for customers, getting carts, sweeping.  Work at small Ma & Pa's grocery stores.  Ice cream stores, church stores, pt at hospital, pt at nursing home on weekends.  Newspaper delivery, car wash cleaner, detailer at used car lot, stock shelves at Lowe's, Sam's, Walmart, Home Depot.  Work on a farm taking care of horses, cut grass, rake leaves, shovel snow check all the newspapers from beginning to end.  Good luck with job search, sometimes if you volunteer somewhere, you are the first to know where there is a job available and if you come to volunteer on time and do a good job you might get that job.
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