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I need to do the longest length to avoid leaks.  The original roof was not a good slant.  They used metal from one of the local stores and did not go over 2 links...only 1season and it started to leak...and someone walked on it is horrible in a storm.
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2 Answers

24 gage  comes in a giant roll and they cut it to snaps on top of the other all color range.  then all open ends are capped and sealed.............they also will put down an ice barrier on the whole roof guaranteed for 25 years.
I finally found a private contractor who makes the raised ridge on site with heavy duty 24 gage guaranteed 30 years.........we are very happy, took 1 1/2 days and they cleaned up everything.  The local ones they have in the store were not working for our 63 ft long slanted roof.  Now that it is finished it has rained everyday.  He even did a water/ice barrior..........
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