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I would like to put together items for a 72 hour emergency kit and would like some suggestions of ideas for items to be included.  Obviously I would think things like a flash light, batteries and bandages come to mind. I'd like to get a really good comprehensive list.

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2 Answers

A small mirror, some candy or sugary items (especially the case of diabetics), bottled water
medicine, covers, waterproof tents, heavy duty rope, extra clothes, pet food, leaches, whistle, mirrors to sigal, food, multifunction survival knife, waterproof matches, firewood, cook box, pot for water to heat for instant soup, tea or coffee, dry food, first aid kit, face mask, heavy duty mugs, solar radio or weather radio or crank radio,cell phone with extra batteries, can opener, hand crank light, sanitary products 5 gallon bucket with paper line with plastic.  bags for trash, baby wipes to clean hand & face. gloves material & throw a way.and diabetics need protein.  Like peanut butter & crackers.  Keep food products in 5 gallon bucket with lid that can seal and as much water as you can carry.  sanitizer to clean water just incase you run out of water. toothbrushes & toothpaste, food bars, prepared dried foods, including meat, fruit and veggies.  a trash bags for trash, I probably missed a few things.  sleeping bags would be nice.
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