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I work mostly from home and have a small area which I use for an office. I often find that it becomes cluttered and unorganized very quickly. I'd like some ideas as to how to best organize things to save space and time.

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Small desk with large drawers for file to store alpha.  shelves on the wall to put stapler, pens, pencils, quick note pads desktop computer, phone line with fax machine up on a shelf. other storage in desk for computer paper and or fax paper.  Lined trash can for easy trash removal.  Very comfortable chair good lighting to work and keep the area organized.  As soon as you use something put it back in it's place.  Keep extra box of staples in same drawer.  On shelve keep a small container of the small things that you use for your home office in colorful containers with have lids.  Keep a pin board on the wall to keep your important notes at your fingertips.  Keep your rolladex with name & information and phone number on the desk.  You also can use a very large desk calendar and write in pencil so it can be changed if needed.  If your desk is near a window you might want a small plant with a plastic dish to keep the desk dry.  There are  so many other things you can do.  Go to Lowe's and see what they have.  You even might find some colorful containers and or folders at the $ store.  You might want to put a paper shredder on your wish list.
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