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I am having trouble deciding if my children should have cell phones.  I think it would be nice in case of emergency but I have concerns as to how they might use them. What is an appropriate age for a child to have a phone? How can I monitor their usage?

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2 Answers

Some people might say I'm crazy but I think 15 or 16 is a good age.  I don't think they need to have one before that.
I lived before cell phones where ever heard of.  Just when I retired I got one just incase the car broke down.  I noticed that all the pay phone are almost gone so If they all went out how would they tell you something happened and you need to pick me up.  When my daughter was  an older teenager I alway told her if you are ever somewhere and they are doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable call me.............and say Mom come and get me I am sick I am at this address.........I will be out front because I feel like I am getting real cells phone available............but I went & got her and she explained everything.  Would have been much easier for her to carry a cell phone in her pocket.   So maybe start when she is gong to a party and she takes it for it back to you...............Young teens think this is like a house's not free............maybe they should use their allowance or work for it.  Nothing is free............they have to learn responsibility
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